Thursday, February 3, 2011

Discourage him from doing bad deeds

Last week I met a old friend in the shopping centre wilile I was heading to my working place. I greeted him and he asked me my cell phone number and I gave it to him.
Yesterday afternoon at about 3pm, he phoned me and invited me for a coffee. I said :" OK."
In the coffee shop, we talked many things surrounding our life.
After few hours he said that he wanted to go red light area. I know that he had the habit of finding girls there. I intended to discourage him to do such a act.
I followed him to the red light area. I slowly told him that we needed to eat something first. While seeing girls, I told him that we must not excited while seeing girls. If not we would lose money for that. I told him the example that a family man who always come to this type of places and has no money left because of this bad habit.
After much persuasion, he finally give up the idea of finding girl.
Then I praised him for his wisdom and he felt joyful.
I had done the good job yesterday. I will do my best to discourage him to have bad habits.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Talk to elderly man

Yesterday I talked to the elderly man who is about 85years old. I saw him walking in difficulty and he could not stand straight.
Normally when people see such a situation, people just simply ignore him. I smiled to him and said to him:" Have you taken your breakfast?"
He said he could not eat much. I asked him:" do you feel painful while walking?" He said:" Yes, because I had gone through two operation when I was 40 over years old."
I said:" How come you needed to go through two operation?
He told me that he was the labourer that he needed to squat down most of the time. One day, he felt difficulty in eating because his intestines were twisted, that;s why he needed to go for operation.
The first operation was not successful as he could not eat due ti vomiting.
After one week, he needed to go for second operation and this is was successful.......
This is the first time that I talked to the elder for over half an hour.
I  comforted him and told him I will talk to him next time.
I think I have done something good. what do you think?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Learn everyday without fail

In order to know the ways of transforming myself from bad to good. I have to learn from the teacheres who have wisdom.
Why I need to learn from the teacher with wisdom because he is the one who ready do it and have shown excellent examples. It is useless to learn from those hypocrites who only can talk but do all types of bad activities.
I now learn everyday. Only that I can progress daily. If I never learn daily, definitely the bad thoughts will come back again because the environment everywhere are bad.
If I never mindful, I will be shaken again and again just like most of the human beings.
Yesterday I learnt one thing--Learn good things everyday and put it into action in our daily life.
Thanks for reading, see you on my next post.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I am very lucky because I have reached to the stage of understanding myself. I mean what I had done so far.
Now, I will continue to do good deeds and gradually get rid all my bad habits.
I have to learn good things everyday because I have to dilute all my bad thoughts. I am now following the good advice from ancient saints. This saints are my true friends. Their wisdom wake my up from my dreams.
I am lucky to wake up again and this time I am ready strengthened.
I have decided to live the life of wisdom 365 days every year until my last day in this earth.
I will share with your how I had turned all my bad habits to good habits.
Your are all welcome to share with me your experiences how you had improved your life.
Together we can progress in the right direction.
Mould ourselves, do not always dwell in the same old and bad paths.
Let's all wake up from our dreams.

Monday, January 24, 2011

What are my bad habits?

I like to smoke. Everyday, I smoke 20 sticks.
I like to go indecent web sites.
I like to see girls.
I like gamble.
I like to talk nonsense.
I like to go indecent places.
I am greedy for many things.
I am easily angry.
I am lazy and many more. Do you have some or all of my habits? I do not know but.........
Yes, I want to get rid of all these bad habits.
I want to have good habits.
Please do not laugh at me.
Hee hee hee, I have just successfully get rid of some of the above bad habits. Do you know which one?
If you want to know which habits I have just changed. Then you have to drop some comments here, thanks.
You see, I am greedy for your comments, alas. I will mention the habits that I have just changed on next month.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seeking wisdom

Life is meaningless if we do not have wisdom. I am going to write something about wisdom. With wisdom, we can solve many problems in life.
Wisdom comes from where? Many people lack of wisdom including me. My times in this world is become lesser and lesser. I want to leave this world happily.
I wanr to start doing something good from year 2011.
Examine myself, I have to get rid of all my bad habits.
That's why my blog called wisom365days. I just hope that I can live in wisdom 365days a year.
Can I have that? I have to work hard now.